Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. Please reach out to our director, Amanda, if you have any questions:

1. Is this a natural or glitz pageant?
Crowns for Life is a natural pageant. We say no to the four B's: booties, bellies, boobies, and bullying. Please dress your daughter/yourself modestly on pageant day. Glitz attire, flippers, wigs/obvious hairpieces, and makeup will all carry their own deductions. Natural beauty is the name of the game!

Note: While Crowns for Life discourages extensions and hair pieces for those who do not have a medical necessity, if the judges cannot tell the child is wearing extensions, they will not deduct.

2. Why do I have to donate a toy to enter the pageant?
Crowns for Life Holiday Pageant is a toy drive for Cook Children's Medical Center in Ft. Worth. Instead of charging more for the entry fee ($70-100) to cover the cost of the toys, we wanted the contestant to experience the joy of giving to others by having them donate the toy directly to the pageant.

3. Does the mandatory toy have to be from the list provided?
Yes, all contestants must donate at least 1 toy off the mandatory toy list or they will not be able to participate in the pageant. This toy carries a suggested retail value of $10-$30 and are high priority items for the hospital. Toys'R'Us, Target, Amazon.com, etc are excellent sources for these toys at a discount!

• Lego/Mega Blocks Building Sets/Kits
• Fisher Price Medical Kits
• Fisher Price "Little People" Toys & Dolls
• Action Figures (Super Heroes, Transformers, TM Ninja Turtles, Mindcraft"
• Plastic Dinosaurs/Animals
• Trains (Thomas, Chuggington, wodden)
• Baby Dolls (with all plastic bodies)
• Current DVDs (No R Ratings)
• Current CDs
• Wii/Xbox 360/PS3 Games (E rating)
• Model Car Kits
• Teen Craft Kits
• Play-DOH & Accessories (Kits are best)
• Stretched Canvases & Canvas Boards (all sizes)
• Gift Cards (Target, Walmart, iTunes)
• Light up Musical Toys for Infants

4. How will the toys be used?
Cook Children's provides Christmas for roughly 275 patients and their siblings. Every year, the hospital sets up Santa's Workshop (as Heather calls it) for the parents to come and shop for their children. Everything is separated by age range, and what it is. When the time comes to allow the parents to shop for the patients, the location of the shop is revealed, and the parents are allowed to go in and pick a toy. Once they toys are selected, hospital volunteers wrap all the gifts and place them in a handmade fabric Santa bag. The toys are then delivered to every child's room on Christmas Eve night and ready for them to open on Christmas morning.

5. Can we host a toy drive?
Yes, you may host a toy drive. In fact, I encourage the contestants to get their families and friends involved in the Ambassador program by hosting toy drives of their own or asking for donations towards purchasing toys. I suggest distributing the Cook Children's Wish List when asking for donations as the hospital selected these items specifically for their ease of use and cleaning:

6. Will the mandatory toy count towards the Ambassador competition?
Yes, the value of all toys donated by the contestant will count for this competition.

7. How will we know the value of the toys donated?
Amanda will publish a spreadsheet with suggested retail values of the toys on the wish list. We realize that some parents will spent more or less on an item due to sales, Amazon.com, etc; however, this is the fairest way for us to assign the value and determine who won Ambassador. If your item is not specifically on the list, please add it with the cost.

8. Can you use ride on vehicles?
While the hospital does get motorized vehicles in from time to time, for this pageant, I request that our contestants focus on hand held items that can be used from the patient's bed as this will benefit the most children. Please see the wish list on question 5 for ideas of things to donate.

9. Can you accept religious toys or items?
No, unfortunately, Cooks cannot accept any toys or items with a religious theme. The hospital policy states we must be respectful of all religious and cultural beliefs. That's why we can't focus on just one form of religious expression. Also, Cook Children's cannot accept toy guns or weapons.

10. Do photos have to be professional?
No, photos do not have to be professional; however, part of the scoring is based on clarity. Therefore, please make sure the photo you submit prints clearly. We suggest submitting a photo with limited background distractions.

11. What is winter wear?
Winter wear is any outfit that reminds you of winter! See our sample attire album for ideas. Note: the outfit does not have to be Christmas themed - just winter.

12. What is an Ugly Sweater?
Any sweater that you find "ugy", unique, funny, or silly. While the sweater does not have to be Christmas or winter themed, we ask that you keep the style in good taste. Remember the 4 b's. No swear words please.

13. Is this a crown all?
Yes! Every participant will walk away with a crown, sash, and an age appropriate gift.

14. Are mini optional competitions included in the cost of the pageant?
Yes, all mini optional competitions are included in the cost of the pageant. The mini optional competitions are: Best Hair, Smile, Eyes, Personality, Photogenic and Theme.

15. Are donations tax deductible?
Cook Children's is a501c; therefore, the toy donations are tax deductible. Donation forms will be available at the pageant from Cooks. Note: Registration fees are not tax deductible.

16. Will credit cards be accepted the day of the pageant?
Credit card transactions will not be accepted the day of the pageant. Registration fees must be paid in full by November 3, 2017. Optional competitions may be paid for in cash the day of the pageant.

17. How do I enter?
Submit your Registration form at: https://form.jotform.us/avansickle/cflcharitypageant
Pay your registration fee in full by 11/10/2017 via PayPal or Postal Money Order. No checks! No Exception!

18. Do you offer a family or sibling discount?
Yes, if two or more ladies from the same family enter the pageant, we offer $10 off the subsequent entry. This applies to a mom, daughter, or sister in the same family only. Example: Mom enters 20+ and daughter enters 4-5. The first entry pays the full price, and the second entry receives a $10 discount.

19. Can I bring my own music? 
Music will be provided for all overall competitions.  However, you may bring your own music for Ugly Sweater and Mother/Daughter competitions.  Girls are given between 60 and 90 seconds on stage.  Routines are not required. 

20.  How long do I get on stage?
Girls are given between 60 and 90 seconds on stage.  Routines are not required. 
Note – if a beginner needs help, we will have a queen/staff member nearby to help.  No one should be uncomfortable on stage!  Momma’s are welcome for ages 0-3. 

General Rules:

1. No makeup on ages 5 and under. 6 and up may have age appropriate makeup.
2. On-Stage Interview is reserved for contestants aged 5 & up.
3. Professional hair and makeup is allowed but not required. We ask that all outside h/m vendors donate a percentage of the proceeds to the charitable organization. “Mommy makeup” will work equally well as professional.
4. Please observed the 4’s for this pageant: no boobs, belly, butt, or bullying. We would like children to wear age appropriate clothing at all times. Note: 16+ may show their midriff.
5. Extensions are allowed for contestants ages 1+. Extensions should blend with the contestant’s natural hair and not be noticeable. If an extension is noticed, judges will be allowed to deduct at their discretion. Note: Full wigs are only allowed for children/adults with a medical necessity.
6. Fake eyelashes are allowed for contestants 13+ only.
7. A model T formation will be setup for the contestants (3 X’s in the back and 1 in the front); however, the contestants do not have to follow the pattern. Upbeat, fun, department store runway style modeling is allowed and encouraged.
8. Judging in each event will be based on Facial Beauty, Personality, Stage Presence, Modeling ability for the contestant’s age, and clothing fit/complementation.
9. Props should be limited to items a contestant can carry such as balloons, shopping bags, an umbrella, teddy bear, etc. Large sets are not allowed.
10. Good sportsmanship is required at all times. Bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated and is grounds for disqualification without refund.
11. Gossiping and talking about others is not tolerated and will lead to disqualification without refund.
12. Judges decisions are final. Please do not approach judges or tabulators until the pageant is finished.
13. Scoresheets and photos will be returned after crowning is over. Please do not discuss scores while at the venue.
14. Cash only at the pageant. There are no refunds unless the pageant is cancelled and not rescheduled.
15. No one at any time may stand directly behind the judges table! You must stay at least 5 feet away at all times. No exceptions!
16. Contestant dressing areas are for contestants and one parent. No men allowed at any time in any dressing room.