Crowns for Life are honored to have an esteemed panel of judges who are professionals in their own capacity as well as in the pageant industry. Each of our judges in volunteering their time to be with us and to spend the day raising money for Relay for Life. A huge thank you to each of them for being part of our 3rd event and blessing us with thier expertise.

Judge 1

Sandy James is an accountant for Fort Worth Housing Solutions, and a former Ms. Elite USA & Ms. Texas Elite USA 2013 and Mrs. Tarrant County International 2012. Her love for pageants began when she was 15 and continues today. Sandy has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 14 years. She has a BS and a Master’s Degree in Accounting, served a combined 10 years in the Army and the Navy and is a military wife of 16 years. Her favorite quote is, “The only limitations that exist are the ones you set for yourself; never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do!”

Judge 2

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Judge 3

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Heather Ward is the director of Sparkling Sapphires. She started Sparkling Sapphires as a system that focuses on giving back to the community and promoting positive conduct on and off the stage. Because of this, each pageant has gotten bigger and better and has done so much good for the community!

Being an employee of Cook Children's, it was hard to sit back and watch the patients and their families struggle with basic needs and the basic joys we all share. That's when a light bulb went off, and Sparkling Sapphires had their cause to support!

At each pageant, the causes have been associated with a solely donatin based program inside the hospital. We supported the creative arts program several times and were able to raise enough money for 2 months of supplies, each time!

Heather has been married to her husband for 7 years, and has two sweet children. Rebecca, who is 5years old and Dylan, who is 2. In her spare time, she is an avid church of Christ church goer, Rebecca's soccer coach and is a photographer as well.

Amanda Van Sickle

Tabulator and Co-Director

Amanda Van Sickle is the director of Crowns for Life. Crowns for Life was started as a fundraiser for Relay for Life in honor of her grandmother, Doris Williams, who lost her fight with cancer in 1996. The pageant's mission to help children build their confidence while supporting charity.

Amanda is no stranger to the world of business and numbers. She is a Business Analyst for the City of Garland and the owner of "Stitch Queen," a small sewing business specializing in sashes, quilts, and handmade gifts. Amanda is the wife of Terry Van Sickle and has two beautiful Maine Coon, cats.

She met Heather Ward in 2014 through a mutual friend and learned of the Stich a Wish at Cook Children's Medical Center. She fell in love with the mission of the program and officially became a "Stitcher" in 2015.